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Our method is to pray for every citizen of the city, and especially for those who are in authority over us – including, but not limited to our Mayor, City Council Members, Police and Fire Personnel and Superintendents, Principals and Teachers of our School District. (1Timothy 2:1-8) 

It is our prayer and intention that the spiritual leaders of Vallejo will become known as models for continuous and tangible community support to our city officials, to the local business community and to our educational institutions, beginning with effectual prayer and Godly counsel. (Matthew 9:35-38)

Our objective is to turn God loose in every place in our city for His goodness and mercy to be on display, for all to see what He is doing and to follow Him. We want to “fill up the city” with the presence and power of Jesus Christ working extraordinary miracles through the lives of the faithful. (Acts 5:29; 2 Chronicles 7:14)

Our expectation is for Vallejo to go from the first bankrupt city in the United States of America to becoming the first transformed city in the United States for the glory of God. 

As a result, business, education and government institutions will experience:

  • The corporate power of God being released all over the city
  • Prosperity returning to our city
  • Systemic poverty being eliminated
  • The Faith Community will join hands with business leaders, and local government to bring equity, excellence, education, effectiveness and economic stability to our school districts and to provide a model for other school districts to follow
  • Unemployment, drug addiction, crime, murder, homelessness, bullying in our schools, teenage pregnancy and student drop-out rates will continuously decline to the glory of God

With these objectives in mind, we declare – Vallejo, The City of God!
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About Transformation Vallejo
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Transformation Vallejo is a growing strategic alliance of Pulpit Ministers and Marketplace believers who are coming together to change the spiritual climate of our city, with each one being a person of blessing within their spheres of influence, in the home and on the street where they live, where they work, and go to school.